Regulation of Community Based Water and Sanitation (January Review)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The following is a review of blog posts on the regulation of community based water and sanitation in Indonesia to date. This posts reflects ongoing research by CRPG.

  1. "Opportunities and Challenges in Integrating Community-Based Water Services into the Legal Framework". This is my original 2013 draft paper on the regulation of community based watsan in Indonesia. Read more.
  2. "Ringkasan analisa pengaruh adat dalam proyek infrastruktur air"(in Bahasa Indonesia). The article summarizes our research on the influence of Adat (local custom) in community based water projects in East Nusa Tenggara province. Read more.
  3. "From the field: HIPPAMS Tirto Agung". A summary of our visit to one of the successful Community Based Organization in East Java. Read more.
  4. "The relationship between community based water services and regional water utility". Our research explores the conflict and (potential) cooperation between community based water provision versus provisions by regional water utilities (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum or PDAM). Read more.
  5. "From the field: Water CBO Year End Report". This post features how a village-level water CBO, HIPPAMS Tirto Agung (see no.3 above) present its year-end report. The administrative system is quite advanced for a village level CBO. Not all CBO is this advanced, however. Read more.
  6. "Regional autonomy principles restrict provinces in developing community based water and sanitation (?)" In this article, we analyzed that regional autonomy implemented in Indonesia may have impeded the development and sustainability of community-based water and sanitation. Read more.
This list will be updated in upcoming blogs posts as we move further with our research.

Update 30/07/2016:

Full report, presentations and other research materials are available for download at the project page: Regulation of Community Water and Sanitation.