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(This time) Intel won its trademark claim

Friday, February 2, 2007

Indonesian Supreme Court decided in favor of Intel Corp in a trademark dispute against a local apparel company:
The Supreme Court has cancelled a local apparel maker's domestic trademark, ruling that the world's biggest chip maker was entitled to copyright protection as a well-known brand in spite of the fact that Intel Jeans products bore no resemblance to electronic chips.

Well, there won't be any Intel Jeans anymore :)

But its really a long way to go for Intel. Its brand is being used by quite so many companies from electronic appliances to clothings. If I am not mistaken, Intel lost its claim back in 1993 as the court suggest that intel is not a well known brand.

Within 2002-2005, 131 out of 163 IPR claims is for trademark. The cost of litigation is very high, as well as the bureaucracy. If you are curious on how the bureaucracy look like, click here (in Bahasa).