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Couping the Constitution, a Pakistan Way

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Holding a chief justice under hause arrest and then putting him on a suspension so that he does not got in the way on the next election is a not so cool way of doing a coup. This was said to be Pakistan's Chief Justice's first email after he was being 'detained' at the Presidential Palace:

So that as it may by passing restrained order by the council as well as the earlier order notified in notification no 529/(2)/2007 issued by the president of Pakistan which is equally contrary to the constitution I have suffered as under:

(A) Detained for all intend and purpose with my family members including my infant child of 7 years from the evening of March 9th, 2007 uptill now. My official residence is sealed with heavy continget comprising police and member of other agencies. For which there is no justification.

(B) The vehicles which were in my use have been taken away by means of a lifter out of which one has been brought back by a lifter without its keys.

(c) Staff of Supreme Court attached with me is reportedly missing and had been kept at an unknown place. I believe that they have been detained just to fabricate evidence against me. I have also learned reliably that my chamber was also sealed and reportedly files lying there have been removed and some of them had been handedover to ISI under the supervision of newly appointed registrar. Such act is contrary to all norms and practices. I being CJP is entitled to occupy my chamber along with my staff.

(D) On account of deployment of heavy contingencies I am not allowed to go outside nor my family members are allowed to do so. Similarly no one is allowed to meet me freely. In as my colleagues have no access to me and whenever they want to visit they have to wait on the gate for a considerable period during which permission is sought from high ups of Mr Justice Raja Fayyaz can be quoted as on one occasion he had to go back without meeting me. Similar treatment was offered to Mr Justice Munir A sheikh (Retd).

(E) My children are not allowed to go to school, college and university I am not getting facility of telephone cable and DSL. Similarly I along with my family members have been deprived from basic amenities of Life ie medicines and doctor etc. (F) No. panel of lawyers is available to discuss the legal and factual issues involved in this reference. This act I have already highlighted on the notice received on March 10th, 2007.