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Revising Aceh's stoning law

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

According to an Aceh legislator:

However, a council member from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), Moharriadi Syafari, said the bylaw would come into effect 30 days after it was passed regardless of the governor’s refusal to endorse it.

Syafari advised people who are against the bylaw to apply for judicial review to the Constitutional Court. “If a revision is to be made by the zAceh legislature, it has to wait for a year. That’s the rule,” he said.

The President/Minister of Home Affairs has the power to annul the Qanun based on Art 235(2) of Law 11/2006 on Aceh Government. As far as I know, DPRA/DPRK can revoke Qanuns as they please, without any requirement of one year of enforcement. Or perhaps, I missed something? Please advise...