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Calls for premarket registration of nanotech product

Sunday, October 11, 2009

EEB calls for premarket registration, stakeholders consultation and adequate legislative framework before a deeper entrance in nanotech market is made. In its brochure, it deems voluntary regulation as unsuccessful. I have yet to see where the failures are, but the EEB claims for lack of participation on the enactments of these codes.

It appears to me that the EEB stance are 'precautionary' in essence and relies more on command-and-control approach in nanotech regulation. The argument may have some merit provided that there are huge uncertainties surrounding nanotech products.

More regulatory framework of precautionary nature may reduce the risk of future market failure. But over-precautions will have implications on the growing market for nanotech.

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Nano hazard symbols announced

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ETC group has just announced the winner of nano hazard symbol contest. I like this symbol a lot:

The problem is, it only represents nanoparticles but does not seem to represent nanostructures and molecular manufacturing. You can see the rest if the symbols and the winners here.