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Search nano patents with google!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good news for patent lawyers, you can now search available patents using google. Look what I found when entering the term "nano": 848 results. Not bad.

Method of fabricating nano-tube, method of manufacturing field-emission type cold cathode, and method of manufacturing display device
US Pat. 6780075 - Filed December 22, 2000 - NEC Corporation
the carbon nano-tube through the entire surface of the emitter. Also, in an
ordinary ion implantation, in case radiation has been performed until the carbon ...

Method of manufacturing nano-gap electrode
US Pat. 7056446 - Filed September 16, 2003 - Communications Research Laboratory, Independent Administrative Institution
35 Generally, in order to manufacture nano-gap electrodes, electron beam lithography ... Thus, when a nano-gap electrode is made using the FIB lithography, ...

US Pat. 7125536 - Filed February 6, 2004 - Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
More particularly, the present invention is directed to nano-structured metal-oxide
... 35 40 In one embodiment, the present invention provides nano- 50 ...

Process for preparing nano-porous metal oxide semiconductor layers
US Pat. 6929970 - Filed September 11, 2003 - Agfa-Gevaert
6 at a temperature of 100 to 200° C. According to a thirteenth Spectral Sensitization
of Nano-porous Metal Oxide embodiment of the process, according to the ...

Crystalline polymer nano-particles
US Pat. 6689469 - Filed December 31, 2001 - Bridgestone Corporation
The com-position includes polymer nano-particles having a poly ( ... The nano-particles preferably have a mean average diameter of less than about 100 nm. ...

Nano-scaled graphene plates
US Pat. 7071258 - Filed October 21, 2002 - Nanotek Instruments, Inc.
(54) NANO-SCALED GRAPHENE PLATES (75) Inventors: Bor Z. Jang, Fargo, ...
The process for producing nano-scaled graphene plate material comprises the steps ...

Polyolefin nano-composite
US Pat. 6872791 - Filed December 22, 2001 - Samsung Atofina Co. Ltd.
2 POLYOLEFIN NANO-COMPOSITE a catalyst system comprising () a supported catalyst consisting of (at a polymer, (b) a silicate clay mineral, ...

Semiconductor nano-rod devices
US Pat. 6855606 - Filed February 20, 2003 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. In one aspect, the present invention relates to a method of forming a nano-rod structure for a channel of a field effect transistor. ...

Method for production of nano-porous coatings
US Pat. 6465052 - Filed November 30, 2001 - Nanotek Instruments, Inc.
The term "nano-porous solid" means a solid that contains essentially ...

Nano-porous silica films also can be prepared using a mixture of a solvent and a ...
Composition for preparing substances having nano-pores
US Pat. 6632748 - Filed September 25, 2001 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a composition for preparing substances having nano-pores. More specifically, the present ...

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