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Eye on Israel

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A business opportunity for you! Israeli nano centers receive 230 million USD of funding:
In addition to matching funds, the Israeli government will also provide over $8 million for nanotech-related equipment purchases and for advanced research projects in water treatment using nanotechnology.The triangle donation matching program will give preference to research in areas considered to have the strongest potential for Israeli breakthroughs: nanomaterials, nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics, and nanotech for applications in water treatment and alternative energy.
You can download the complete press-release from the Israeli's National Nanotechnology Initiative here. The map of the Nano-biotech industry is provided by d&a hi-tech information here. A very complete compendium and links to Nano Industries and companies in Israel is available here.

(Thanks to d&a hi-tech information for providing me with preliminary insight via email)