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Let's propose for a dot nano (.nano) TLD

Monday, December 18, 2006

There are too many domain names that begins with the word "nano" already. is for sale (2.000 euro) and is also for sale for 9900 pounds. With the rising nano business and rising marketshare, there will be a huge demand for nano-related trademarks and for certain, the demand for domain name that contains the word nano will increase. I don't think that domain name creator engines would still be able to suggest alternatives for the word nano. Moreover, as has been explained in my previous post, within a decade, every materials might contain nanoparticle. So, everything will be nano.

The nano domain name is going to be more crowded within 5 years and that can make problem. A solution would be creating a dot nano (.nano) top level domain (TLD). ICANN/Internic/IANA really should start considering this.

(I know what you are going to do next, I can read your mind... :p )