From the field: HIPPAMS Tirto Agung

Sunday, January 11, 2015

As a part of our AIIRA research, the CRPG team conduct a field study in Lamongan Regency, East Java. We were invited to an annual stakeholders meeting of HIPPAMS Tirto Agung at Tlanak Village, Kedungpring District, around 23 kilometres from the city of Lamongan.

The presentation was made by HIPPAMS (Community Based Organisation for Water and Sanitation) chairman Panggeng Siswadi and attended by the Village Head and apparatus. The Tirto Agung Hippams have been able to increase coverage of almost four times since its establishment. It has healthy financials productive assets. Coverage is reported at 90 % and non revenue water is at 18%. A part if their revenue is dedicated to sanitation, thus the picture where the chairman is handing over a closet.

We are specifically interested in analyzing their statutes and village based regulatory framework, their organisational culture and service standard, as well as the role of the regency in monitoring and evaluation.