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14 Disturbing Facts about Jakarta's Water

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video: Kruha

The Jakarta Globe runs a special edition about Jakarta's Water last year and wrap them nicely in a downloadable PDF. I will sum up the statistics quoted by the globe in this Water special edition:

1. 20% of Jakartans have no access to toilet
2. 35 million people expected to be living and using water in Greater Jakarta by 2020
3. 60% less spending on infrastructure as a proportion of GDP than In Suharto's era
4. 140 elephants the weight of raw sewage goes into Jakarta's ground or waterways daily
5. 400,000 liters of waste dumped In the capital's rivers or canals everyday
6. 25cm some parts of Jakarta sink every year
7. $5.8 billion is Indonesia's annual economic and health cost for poor sanitation
8. 40% of homes in Jakarta have no piped water
9. 50% of treated water leaks out before getting to users
10. 20,000 squatters living on the banks of Pluit reservoir
11. 56,000 households flush their sewage straight into the ground
12. $600 low-end cost to connect a home to piped sewage system
13. 20% of the city’s daily waste ends up in local rivers, reducing their flow rate up to 50%
14. 150cm depth the city has sunk in some parts over the last decade