Prince Charles on Nanotechnology

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

I know this is a little bit irrelevant, but I guess we can categorize it as "policy" right... right...? *wink*
In today's publication of the Christian Science Monitor, they said that Prince Charles rather disagree with tech development and GMOs. Gee, I dont know that the Prince is an adherent of the strict precautionary principle :p
Check this out:

"It is revealed that the prince "bombarded" elected ministers with letters of protest on the Iraq war, genetic modification of foods and nanotechnology (he considers them dangerous pursuits), and the threat posed by "ugly" buildings to our green and pleasant lands."

"Those who encourage Charles to use his "considerable influence" today to challenge the government threaten to undo these historic gains. In effect, they are pushing the prince to do their dirty work - and in the process they grant a future king the kind of political and moral authority over government ministers that we stripped from them, for very good reason, many, many years ago."

I have never imagined to insert a tag of Prince+Charles in a Nanotechnology Law Journal but it happened. Oh well....


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