Nanotechnology and Capital Market

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Good Morning! (Well, its morning here in GMT+7)
Look what I found this morning when browsing on Technocrati. A Blog dedicated for a discussion on Nanotech Stock! Let me give you an example of its commentaries (it has charts too, btw):
The Merril Lynch's Nanotech Index seems to be holding the recent gains, and even avoiding last week's correction, while the rest of the american indexes are still with modest gains since the start of the new year. $NNZ is Up, beating in performance the major indexes and sectors. Maybe 2006 will be a kinder year for nanotechnology, and remember we've been having a Bear Market in this sector since 2004.
That provoked me to think what the ideal Nanotech-related Cap Market rule are supposed to be. See, before going public a company need to disclose as much as possible its internal conditions such as whether it has debt, whether its assets are subjected to mortgage, whether it is undergoing a law suit, etcetera. The purpose is to let the public informed before they buy the company's share.
So, those companies will have to fill out plenty of forms (10 K, 13 D, 144, 13 F, yeah and more coz the 'nron gate). My question is, would those disclosure be sufficent given the inconclusive research (see my previous post) on the behavior of nanomaterials? How would the SEC regulate that? And what would the environmental impact asessment looks like?
Hmmm, I can do a research for you but I am taking a leave from my lawyering work for the time being :p  
Mohamad Mova Al 'Afghani
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