Nanotech expertise makes you a Partner?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There seemed to be a modest growth on lawfirm's partner appointment this year. Generally, this signifies a good prospect for the economy. More growing lawfirms, more partners, means more project, more economic growth.
Why do lawfirms add new partners?
"White & Case managing partner Duane Wall said that although adding new partners is "vital" for the firm and for individual career development, the number of new partners is based on client demand and available talent."
"Like Wall with White & Case, Wetmore said that the partner appointments are determined by client needs and associate talent."
To add, Joel Henning, vice president of Hildebrandt International Inc., a law firm consultancy said:
"The most common reason that attorneys make partner is their ability to bring in business, Henning said, adding that having an "esoteric specialty," such as experience in the nanotechnology field, is another reason. Especially strong revenues also may put firms in a position where they can "afford to share,"
Well, that shows a growing interest in Nanotech. Good. For Law graduates, an expertise in Nanotech may not accelerate you in becoming partners. But maybe who knows, it'll make them hire you ;)
Mohamad Mova Al 'Afghani