Nano Inside ?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just like Intel Inside but for nano. Do we need it?
Well, it will work before MNT is discovered, but after that, everything will be nanos anyway. But it may be a demand in the near future. So, within a few years, I guess there is going to be an increasing demand for nano-labelling. I guess people will also want to protect themselves from "hazardous nanoparticles"
Q: What if companies dont put a "nano-inside" label in their products?
A: Every customer has the right of informed consent. If I want to eat something, I've gotta  know  what's in the food, the ingredients and the side effects, right? If a company failed to perform sufficent disclosure, I can always sue them under consumer protection acts.
Q: But, drugs are nanoparticles in essence!
A: That's true. I guess a distinction should be made. Howbout products that contained "engineered  nanoparticles" that should be labelled with "nano-inside"? 
Mohamad Mova Al 'Afghani