Indonesian Procurement Rule to be Revised (Again)

Friday, January 2, 2015

From Antara:

Sofyan said there are a number of substantial changes made to be wrapped up in January 2015 such as related to the maximum limit for procurement allowed in direct appointment.
"The system is changed as direct appointment for the procurement of goods worth up to Rp200 million has caused a lot of problems. It is better to hold tender in a very simple way. Direct appointment would be reduced but the process of tender must be fast," he said without specifying the problems.
Meanwhile, there has been talks about plans for using e-catalog for non construction projects, consolidation of goods procurement (of the same types) in order to leverage its economics of scale and the removal of pre qualification stage for construction projects in exchange of a Vendor Management System. Obviously, this can potentially produce difficulties for new entrants since only those who are already listed on the system can participate in the procurement process.