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Encourage your government to ratify the UN Watercourses Convention

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The WWF launched postcard campaign to encourage more ratification of the UN Watercourses Convention. In order for the convention to be in force, another 16 ratification would be necessary. Indonesia has land border with East Timor, New Guinea and Malaysia. As such, there might be possibilities that transboundary water is shared.


According to the WWF:

We encourage you to download copies of the postcards and of their accompanying leaflet, in order to find out more about the 2011 target and what YOU can do to help achieve it, whether you are an influential individual, a government official, or a representative of an NGO or other interested institution. Join the numerous individuals and institutions that have already vowed to support the UN Watercourses Convention Global Initiative.

Click on the picture above to download “Everything you need to know about the UN Watercourses Convention”