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Howto: Autosave your ms word doc in Dropbox

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is a tip to my fellow countrymen ph.d, master students, and anyone else working with MS-Word in multiple computers. As you know, dropbox is a tool to sync, store and (optionally) share your data in the cloud. It gives you a 2GB of storage capacity.

Now that’s too small for me since I consume at minimum 5 GB of space ( for my MS Office files and PDFs data) every 6 months. So I use dropbox in combination with other free cloud strorage facilities such as Skydrive (25 GB). I use dropbox only to sync and store my working files, which are mostly in MS-Word (well, occasionally lawyers use excell and visio too, but only occasionally!). The whole ms-word working files cost me less than 500 MB for one year. That should work for everyone too. Even if you manage to write and publish 50 papers in a month, that should count for less than 1 GB for the whole year! Bottomline: dropbox free 2 GB account would suffice for syncing your working files. But for your data, you may need additional backup storage from Skydrive.

Here’s how it work for MS Word:

MS Word 2003:

Click tools --- Options --- File Locations --- Modify




MS Word saves your working files in Document/My Document by default. In order to change this, click modify and point it to your MyDropbox folder (normally located in My Document).

For MS Word 2007, you need to click the Office Button, click Advanced, in the General section click File Locations, click Documents in the File types list,  click Modify and then point it to your MyDropbox location.

Done. Now there is no more need to copy-paste your file from your local computer to your MyDropbox folder. Just save it as usual, and it will store in the cloud, your local hard drive and sync with your other computers at the same time.

Later when I have time, I will provide you with a tutorial on how to sync your endnote files, libraries and styles across computers as well as storing it in the cloud, using Dropbox.