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Data Transfer, the DPR’s Style

Thursday, May 6, 2010

According to Vivanews and Kompas, one trolley worth of documents from the House’s Special Investigative Unit for the Century scandal is ‘missing’ *. 
The Jakarta post reported:

Separately, Gayus Lumbuun from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) said that the House leaders had to explain what really happened on the documents which should have been completely sent to the KPK.
Deputy House speaker Priyo Budi Santoso from the Golkar Party said he too was surprised by the fact that the KPK had yet to receive all the necessary documents and that the House leaders would investigate into the issue.

Data transfer, our generation’s style:


Data transfer, the DPR’s style:
Mr President, Mr KPK, please enjoy the data… Sorry for being late, we’ve had a little Traffic Jam at Gatot Subroto street


* It turned out that DPR’s secretariat did not send KPK the data because DPR’s House Rules only require that the details are sent to the President and not the KPK.  (Yeah right…)