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World Water Day: Dee & Tweed HELP workshop (Live Broadcast)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee will be holding a workshop with a focus on land use and water management. Following is the release I received from the organizer: 

"The University of Dundee’s UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science is takes a leap into the world of online conferencing for the celebration of World Water Day next month, on the 22nd March.  This event will be broadcast live via the internet, both through live audio-visual and a transcript of proceedings in real time.  Global participants to this free online event will be encouraged to provide immediate feedback to the conference speakers and organizers and to share comments with one another through an online forum facility.  The focus will be on the work of the UNESCO Centre in the Tweed valley, in particular the interface between land use and water management.  Comparisons will be made with other UK river valleys, in particular the Dee and the Thames.  The conference will showcase global water issues and the multidisciplinary work of the UNESCO Centre in promoting the importance of water law and hydrological science in helping to achieve more consensual and informed water policy and practice.  World Water Day was inaugurated in 1993, since when it has been a focus globally for action on water issues, including promoting fair and equitable access to transboundary watercourse and groundwater resources of freshwater."

 In order to participate in this online conference, please sign up below:


For enquiries, please contact UNESCO Centre's Knowledge Exchange Coordinator Daniel Gilbert at d.gilbert[at]dundee.ac.uk