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[RTWS Update] Consultation on the Human Right Aspects of Private Sector Participation in the Water Sector: more responses from the private sector

Friday, March 26, 2010

The UN Independent Expert launched a consultation a few months ago regarding the human rights aspects of private sector participation in water services. As of today, several companies including Suez, Veolia and American Water had sent their responses. Reading the consultation responses, I feel that there are growing anxiety from the private sector that the Right to Water movement will use human rights instrument to outlaw private sector participation from the water services sector. 

This view is incorrect and absurd. It is not possible for the human rights system to dictate on a specific ownership model. The stance of RTWS with respect to private sector participation is already clear from the General Comment 15: there is a state duty to regulate. Hence, when it comes to PSP, the only question is what and how to regulate.

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