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Housewife on trial for defamation

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prita Mulyasari, the housewife detained for sending letter about her experience of (alleged) medical malpractice will undergo her first criminal trial tomorrow. Prita was brought to both civil and criminal suit by PT.Sarana Meditama Internasional Cs (presumably the legal incorporation of RS Omni where she was treated). She had lost the civil suit, but was nevertheless detained by the police for the criminal prossecution.

If I were the plaintiff's lawyer, I would recommend to revoke my client's criminal offense complain to the police. With internet activists standing behind her, it would be a bad move to go on with criminal proceeding. The reputational damage caused by media blow-up does not worth the penny the hospital spent for litigation costs and public relations costs.

Tanggerang District Court website has an op-ed column about this case.