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Sunday, June 17, 2007


    MOSCOW, June 4 (Itar-Tass) -- A drat law authorising the creation of a nanotechnology corporation in Russia has been submitted to the State Duma.

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  2. Meridian Institute Nanotechnology and Development News

    A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, authorizing the creation of a state-run nanotechnology corporation that will “seek to implement scientific, technological and innovation policies, and facilitate the

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  3. Nanotechnology Law Framework

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  4. Nanotechnology, Privacy and Shifting Social Conventions

    Nanotechnology promises (or perhaps threatens) to change the way we live. Like other novel technologies, nanotechnology will allow us to do new things, and so will present us with new choices. Importantly, nanotechnology may also influence the very values

  5. nanotechnology regulation

    http://nanotechlaw.blogspot.com/2006/12/so-called-berkeley-nanotechnology.html (viewed 15/01/07). 44 DEFRA “Voluntary Reporting Scheme for engineered ...

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  6. Workplace Exposure To Nanomaterials and The Question Of Will Nano Be The Next Asbestos

    Workplace Exposure To Nanomaterials and The Question Of Will Nano Be The Next Asbestos Topics Covered Background Insurers Nanotechnology Safeguards Commercial Products Evidence Of Probable Harm Associated With Workplace Exposure To Nanomaterials Diseases

  7. Nanotoxicology at the University of Florida

    Even those skilled in particle characterization face difficult challenges when faced with nanomaterials in the physiological environment. Schemes for dispersion such as changes in pH or the use of dispersion aids are difficult to implement in the body wi

  8. Opinion on the ethical aspects of nanomedicine

    What are the challenges for future laws and regulations? The challenges are primarily: - the risk evaluation for nanomedicine may not be adequate in all areas; - the implementation of risk evaluation measures should be carried out in a scientifically soun

  9. Growing nanotechnology problems: navigating the patent labyrinth

    Nanowerk News) Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) belong to the most exciting nanomaterials discovered so far and the buzz associated with them has to do with their amazing properties. Depending on their structure, they can be metals or semiconductors. They exhibit

  10. Scientific Technology Options Assessment - STOA (Important links for eu nanotech law)

    The social and political relevance of nanotechnology and its applications are beginning to crystallise. Citizens will be confronted with nanotechnology applications at work, as consumers, or through the possible effects on the environment, public health a

  11. Nanotechnology and Regulation within the framework of the Precautionary Principle

    Some elements of the Precautionary Principle exist in different regulation approaches. The regulation of Chemicals especially the proposal of the REACH regulation as well as the regulation of pharmaceuticals are examples for a precautionary approach with

  12. Article on Intellectual Property - 12 JAN.pdf (application/pdf Object)

    The challenges in the nanotechnology intellectual property arena are numerous. The battles have moved from

  13. Search

    Nanotechnology and the United States National Plan for Research and Development in Support of Critical Infrastructure Protection Lisa Campbell Canadian Journal of Law and Technology Volume 5, Number 3, November 2006 December 29, 2006 TOC Harmonization of

  14. 2006-12-05 Item 13 Manufactured Nanoparticle Health and Safety Disclosure.pdf (application/pdf Object)


  15. Environmental Regulation of Nanotechnology : Some Preliminary ...

    Environmental Regulation of Nanotechnology:. Some Preliminary Observations. by Glenn Harlan Reynolds. T. he relationship between new technologies and the en .

  16. Nanotechnology & Regulation

    “Environmental Regulation of Nanotechnology: Some Preliminary ... conclusion, and a critical one, is that nanotechnology regulation is a process


  18. Regulations for Nanotechnology in Consumer Products

  19. globeandmail.com: The promise and perils of nanotechnology

  20. Nanotech NIOSH to Issue Guidance for Employers

    "The presence of an occupational health surveillance program – represented at the minimum level as a needs assessment – indicates that workplaces have taken appropriate steps in evaluating and preventing potential occupational exposures," Trout said l

  21. Nanotechnology Policy and Environmental Regulatory Issues

  22. Reproductive Rights Blog: Liquid Condom Introduced in China

  23. Chinese float liquid condom concept | The Register

  24. The Volokh Conspiracy - Regulating Nanosilver:

  25. EPA Region 5: Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

  26. Deciding the Future of Nanotechnologies: Legal Perspectives on ...

  27. Legal Lookout: Nanotechnology : EPA Considers How to Proceed

  28. EUROPA - Rapid - Press Releases

  29. REACH is not enough, new labelling method might be required

  30. Section Nanotechnology Project - Nanotechnology Law - ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources Law

    aba's briefing paper in nanotech

  31. European Union Nanotechnology Law | Stanford Law School

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  32. P6_TA-PROV(2006)0392

    european parliament action plan on nanotech

  33. Nanotech the IP issues

    For example, a paper from Lawrence Letham which highlights general legal issues relating to nanotech, a general IP trend on nanotech from Chemical and Engineering magazine, Nanotech patent application in Japan from D. Kanama, Nanotech patent trends by Kal

  34. Berube on Michael Taylor's analysis

    Everyone knows the FDA is missing tools for regulating cosmetics like it does drugs. And everyone knows the FDA needs a bigger budget if we are going to ask it to treat all nanoproducts it regulates as "new" rejecting the bio-equivalence fast lane. We kno

  35. Nanotechnology under the Toxic Substances Control Act | Prevention, Pesticides and Toxics (OPPTS) | US EPA

  36. Connotea: msredsonyas's bookmarks for http://www.epa.gov/oppt/nano/index.htm

  37. FDA needs industry support on nanotechnology

  38. Let practicality guide nanotechnology regulation

  39. Nanotech-Regulation.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt)

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  40. Patenting Nanotechnology - an Overview of the Current Climate and Explanation of Classification 977

  41. The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law - Nano-Conceptions

  42. OnPoint -- 03/01/2006 -- Nanotech: RFF's J. Clarence Davies explains the need for new nanotechnology law

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  43. SSRN Electronic Library

    ssrn page on nanotech

  44. SSRN-International Regulatory Regimes for Nanotechnology by Kenneth Abbott, Sandeep Gopalan, Gary Marchant, Douglas Sylvester

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  45. Blawg Republic News Search: nanotechnology

    to be reviewed and discussed on the blog

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  46. WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Nanotechnology and the Developing World: The Regulatory Gap

    regulatory gap

  47. SciDev.Net

    regulatory gap in nanotech

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