Indonesian airlines 'punished' by the EU

Thursday, June 28, 2007

European Union is a standard-freak, we all know that. They regulate everything from the amount of detergents allowed to be spilled into sewerage to the position of labels in wine bottles. These regulations are good, they ensure safety and consumer protection, for EU citizens.

But hey, the EU also has a substantial "market power", they can also regulate foreign private parties to comply with their laws. If you want to land on our airports, make sure you comply with our safety standards, otherwise, get the hell outta here. Nice:
All Indonesian airlines including national carrier Garuda are to be banned from the European Union. "European citizens should avoid flying with these carriers," an EU official said. "They are really unsafe."

The new list, decided upon following advice from an EU air safety committee, is expected to be formalised within a week. Garuda flew to Rome and Amsterdam until 2005, and is planning to resume services to Amsterdam in 2008.

The idea or regulating things based on territoriality is normal. But look also at the indirect effect of this regulation: warning people not to take Indonesian airlines, because they are unsafe. Now that's a market power!