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Careful with blogs!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

There was a good article from Karina Widyani in JP a few days ago. The title was "listening to the blogs". Here's a quote:

Among these "questionable" contents was an article on one of the blogs where Fauzi was mentioned to have been unwilling to report the fund he allocated for the election campaigns as required by the election commission. Note, however, that this article was not written by the blog's author; it was first published by Rakyat Merdeka daily on April 12. Similarly, the other contested blog contained some articles originally published by popular news Web site detik.com.

"We are going to take firm action if our wish is not respected. Stop this activity before our anger sweeps across Jakarta," the Fauzi defenders team said in its press release, without specifying what action would involve.

Words are mightier than swords. This is not the first time the "attacks of the blogs" rocks. Some companies has been reported to continously losing their shares prices following their IPO, because bloggers wrote something about their scandal on the net.

Let's just face it. Freedom of speech dude! :)