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EU perspective on Nanomedicine

Friday, February 2, 2007

Olivier Van Droogenbroek referred me to the latest EGE (European Groups on Ethics in Science and New Technologies) activity: its adoption of the 21 st Opinion on the ethical aspects of Nanomedicine. The document is downloadable here.

Here's an excerpt on what they think, the hardest challenge to laws and regulations will be:
  1. the risk evaluation for nanomedicine may not be adequate in all areas;
  2. the implementation of risk evaluation measures should be carried out in a scientifically sound and transparent manner;
  3. there is a need for legal clarity in a number of areas especially where regulations and/or areas overlap;
  4. ethical dimensions must be taken into account in legal provisions
  5. on nanomedicine.
I have not look this document throughly. I found however, some interesting remarks on human enhancement, intellectual property and data protection as a result of the use of nanomedicine.

I will discuss the topics more detail in my later posts.

Olivier Van Droogenbroek)