Guide to doing business in Indonesia

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When I browsed around d Net a few days ago, I found a good paper in Lex Mundi titled "Guide to Doing Business in Indonesia". The 54-page paper was prepared by ABNR Lawfirm in 2005. I did only a skimming and it seems to me that the content is quite comprehensive. It discusses a wide range of legal aspects related to business in Indonesia, from types of visas to Foreign Direct Investment, environmental, employment, also land related rights and Intellectual Property Rights. In its appendix, it listed some samples of BKPM forms.

As to my knowledge, there was a slight change on the labor law due to Constitutional Court's decision. The BKPM forms and the negative list of investment could also be amended. You can check the latest form at BKPM's website or you can search it in the search box in the right panel of this blog.

As an overall, the Guide is quite useful to get general information on doing business in Indonesia.

To download the Guide, simply click here. It's free.