About Indonesian Law Report

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The world's changing and so does the provision of legal services. Internet has make it possible for legal services to be provided one-to-many, done collaboratively with other professionals. Of course, this does not mean that tailor-made legal services are no longer required, it is still actual for the time being but it is also in the process of transformation. This simple weblog is never meant to "row the boat", it is only meant to "ride the wave" of legal transformation, a little token from a lawyer to the knowledge society.

In short, the purposes of this weblog are to:

  • Make friends. Web 2.0 is about networking and collaborating and network always worth more than treasure. If you'd like to be "my friends", you can add me on the social networking sites I listed on the right panel. If you are not listed on those sites, then an email would do fine. Drop me email (movanet[at]gmail.com) and say hi!
  • Participate in the Long Tail of legal services. Longtail phenomenon will dramatically alter the future of legal services and we want to participate in it
  • Legal promulgation. Everyone knows that this country is not so good when it comes to legal promulgation. Draft laws cannot be easily accessed, judicial decisions are hard to get, legislations, acts and decisions are segregated in numerous governmental websites. This weblog will serve as your aggregator for those sources
  • Research tool. The Google Custom Search on the right panel crawls only specific institutions dealing with legislations, policy making and law enforcement, in addition to this weblog
  • Legal education. It is a medium from me to learn the law and for you to add some more. It is always better to know our rights and obligations
  • Self help. This weblog will contain simple tips on how to deal with the bureaucracy. You can also drop a question or two. If I cannot answer your question, I'll forward it to my friends

Have fun!

Any information contained herein is intended as a general discussion on legal and other corresponding issues. Tips and advices given on these issues do not constitute legal advice or a legal opinion. You shall seek independent counsel to act upon any laws discussed in this weblog.