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The Potential Role of the Human Right to Water in the Management of Indonesia’s Water Resources

Saturday, September 25, 2010



The Human Right to Water under the Water Law? Yes. But look also at its elucidation.



If there is anything I forgot to upload into this website from the last World Water Week then it is my own presentation and pictures. So here it is. The title of my presentation is the above headline. I argue that the Human Right to Water may be able to correct structural loopholes in the current legal framework for water resources management in Indonesia. There are, however, prerequisites which must be fulfilled for such role to take place, and these are (i) building linkages between the Human Right to Water into the current judicial and legislative system and (ii) developing existing institutions, in terms of capacity, resources and mandate in order to incorporate human rights claims.

I have a draft paper to support my arguments which I decide not to share as it is still in the form of, well, a draft paper. But if you are interested, do email me at movanet(at)gmail.com I await for your feedback and comments.







H.T. Dr. Riant Nugroho for the pics