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More on the sinking of Jakarta

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On Sept 17, one of the lanes of the main road connecting Jakarta to the Tanjung Priok port collapsed. The police had to detour the traffic to another road. The culprit blamed for the incident is abrasion from salt water (news in Bahasa Indonesia):


Earlier on the 14th of September, another land subsidence occurred along Manggarai river in Sultan Agung street, causing the fence to tilt for 45 degrees (click here for more news).

Below is a video from ABCNews (2008) about the sinking of Jakarta. Main cause of the floods are solid wastes and squatters in riversides. Both causes the river to become shallow and narrow, thereby reducing its capacity during high flow. High-rise building and over-abstraction of groundwater also contribute to land subsidence and saltwater intrusion.




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