Degree of liability for the use of nanomedicines

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Determination of liability for future nano products would depend mainly on the proliferation policy of MNT. This article will be based on a hypothetical condition where Non-Proliferation of MNT breaks out and Nanofactories becomes an ordinary household appliance.
In this situation nanomedicine's prescription can be downloaded from the internet to be utilized freely by internet users. If such is the condition, then, Nanomedicine should be treated like a sotware, the nanomedicine's users are the hardware and those who wrote the prescription are the programmers. Like most software, the programmer's liability cannot be invoked when a hardware error arises due to the utilization of the software. Nanomedicie can be tagged "Download and eat at your own risk". The users are presumed to have realized the implications in utilizing Nanomedicines towards his body. I suppose by this time research toward allergies have advanced in such a way that enables people to identify which drugs are suitable for them.