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(Open Government Partnership IRM) Invitation to comment on Progress Reports on Costa Rica, Finland, Ghana, Indonesia, Liberia and Panama

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Blog invite comments on IRM progress reports for several countries, including Indonesia. The post made special reference to Special Accountability Report which is piloted by Indonesia OGP IRM:
About the Indonesia Special Accountability Report
Most of the countries whose reports are being released today began their OGP participation in 2013. Indonesia, a founding country of OGP, is an exception, having participated since 2011. So why is there a report on Indonesia being released for public comment today?
The first Indonesia action plan covered 2011 to the end of 2012. The second action plan covered all of 2013. This is the action plan evaluated in today’s draft “Special Accountability Report.” The government of Indonesia also released a third action plan in 2014 that runs until 2015. That action plan will receive a typical progress report after the one-year mark, similar to other countries in the same calendar as Indonesia. That report is due for public comment in July of this year.
The IRM takes its role as promoting learning and accountability seriously. For that reason, to the greatest extent possible, all OGP commitments will be tracked and accounted for. The Special Accountability report represents an important step in that direction.
Previously, CRPG announced a public comment period for the 2013 OGP IRM Report.