CRPG Wiki Page

Monday, December 22, 2014

After we launched our website a couple of days ago, CRPG is now ready to launch its wiki page. Why a wiki? Well, you probably have heard of sites like Wikipedia or Wikileaks. A wiki is dynamic, in the sense that an article can improve overtime. It is also decentralized and flexible, in the sense that everyone can participate in writing the article. The CRPG will use the wiki page to host a repository of public documents it collects during its research.

The CRPG also invites you all to participate in our wiki project. One of the planned project is to host Freedom of Information dispute Decisions from the courts and Information Commissioners. An ongoing project, which is related to our AIIRA project, is the collection of regulatory and policy documents for community based water and sanitation. If you happens to be working in these areas, by all means, we invite you to register and upload relevant documents to the CRPG Wiki page.

Here's a snippet of our site. The page of the wiki address is