Water is Life, The Vice President Said

Monday, January 14, 2013

Vice President Boediono opens the Indonesian Water and Wastewater Expo and Forum. Here's my note on his speech:

1. Water is life, a basic need
2. Municipality/Regency government has huge responsibility
3. Synergy is required
4. The VP asks the audience to strengthen commitment. His office will incorporate results of the IWWEF's symposiums
5. We may miss MDG target (55% safe drinking water so far)
6. 105 PDAM not healthy 85 are "sick"
7. PDAMs are the spearhead of water services
8. From 175 PDAM restructured, 72 has zero progress
9. Corporate Governance for PDAM is key. Political interventions leads to inefficiencies
10. We need to have long term vision. Politician only have 5 year vision. Statesmen has vision for generations.
11. VP: I promise that I will support anything we can do at the central level
12. State/Regional Budget (APBN/APBD) may not be sufficient. It can be used for urgent matters, such as in supporting the poor. But we need other financing schemes.
13. PPP is a good model. If the regions require assistance, the central govt will provide