Leader's Dialogue (World Water Week)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moderator: Margaret Catley-Coxon

Thai minister Suwit Khunkitte explains the condition of Thai's water resources. They tried to implement Water Grid System and introduce capacity building. The minister considers that more water does not lead to more productivity. Efficiency is more relevant.

Thai is focusing on participation programs. The King talked to the farmers that forest are important to them. One million questionnaires are sent to water users.

Interesting comment from the minister: ADB is pushing Thailand to charge its water. Ramesh Vaidya elaborate that the use of water for agriculture is high. Charging water for irrigation may not work if the institution is not set up. He refers to the work of Elinor Ostrom that there could be other ways: e.g. taxes, community participation and management.

Ravi Narayanan pointed the problem of information in water resources management. Margaret responds that it may be a good idea to crowdsource information gathering in WRM.



Uniform water pricing is difficult to implement. However, variety of prices may impact competitiveness on the food market.

1 percent saving in agriculture is 30 percent saving for drinking water