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Indonesia Law Report to be archived by the Library of Congress

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good news and an honor for Indonesia law Report. I have received the following email from the Library of Congress:

The United States Library of Congress has selected your website for inclusion in the historic collection of Internet materials related to Legal Blawgs. The Library of Congress preserves the Nation's cultural artifacts and provides enduring access to them. The Library's traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to the Congress and the American people to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including websites.

With your permission, the Library of Congress or its agent will engage in the collection of content from your website at regular intervals over time and make this collection available to researchers both at Library facilities and, by special arrangement, to scholarly research institutions.  In addition, the Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Internet materials and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

Our Web Archives are important because they contribute to the historical record, capturing information that could otherwise be lost. With the growing role of the Web as an influential medium, records of historic events could be considered incomplete without materials that were "born digital" and never printed on paper.


The library of congress recently archive a number of high-quality blawgs. You can access them here. I have also accepted their proposal for off-site access. To know more about Library of Congress Web Archiving program, click here.

Hopefully, we can soon see Indolawreport to be listed there and accessible to everyone in the future. Happy blogging and participate in writing history!