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Tomorrow, the Freedom of Information Law is in force!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's not forget that tomorrow, Law No. 14 Year 2008 on the Openness of Public Information (FoI Law) will be in full force. What it means is that you can now request any information to government agencies, NGOs and State Owned Enterprises.

To get a glimpse on how the law looks like, read my article here. Bear in mind that although you are in the private sector, there is still a risk that you might be covered by the FoI, if:

  1. Your business is defined as a 'public body' under the Freedom of Information Law
  2. You are engaged in a contract with the government
  3. You submit compliance report or any other data to government agencies (and some one else has an interest on that)

To understand more on how FoI Law will affect your business, read this article. Search through the transparency label of this blog posts to know more detail.

The official announcement from the Ministry of Information can be found here (in Bahasa). It says nothing much though, only repeatedly citing the articles of the FoI Law. However, it does say that the understanding of 'public body' may expand to non governmental institutions, thereby supporting my argument above  that purely private sectors would be implicated.

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