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New Dates for Dialogue with Business Leaders and Regulators at EPSCA Forum, 6-8 July 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Due to new developments, EPSCA Forum is moved to a new date 6-8 July 2010. Following is the excerpt of the email I received:

Last week, a major development has occurred where major support from Dr Evita Legowo, Director-General – Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy, had been cemented which will bring us closer to the forum’s raison d'ĂȘtre, Reformed, Energetic and Efficient E&P Industry in Asia Pacific through fresher, commercially viable E&P agreements, and increased certainty on regulations, risks and returns from E&P investments in Asia, especially Indonesia.

Hence, I was informed this evening that the EPSCA Forum will be moved to its new date on 6-8 July 2010 in view of this major positive development, which would be a great opportunity for all delegates to have an exceedingly impactful meeting with colleagues and regulators. 

Due to the definitive importance of new regulatory developments in Indonesia pertaining to upstream contracts and the push for more commercially viable arrangements for technically complex plays, major upstream players and other investors have confirmed to join us at this important meeting. We may also get the players who are recently involved or interested in making money out of these technically complex upstream opportunities. We suggest you may want to conduct some interviews on site if you will be sending a representative, as the combination of delegates, speakers, partners and sponsors is very unique and rarely found at one place.


Please find the revised brochure attached.