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Precautionary Principle Urged (Again?)

Friday, June 15, 2007

A news from the EU (but it turned out to be not so new):
"Current scientific risk-assessment methods [for nanomaterials] are really not reliable. We don't have the knowledge. Nanomaterials are so small and reactive and we don't have natural defences in the body against them," said Eva Hellsten, from the Commission's DG Environment, Directorate Water, Chemicals and Cohesion.
EU are still debating as to whether nanomaterials/nanoparticles would be sufficiently regulated in its REACH directive. To sum up, their position on regulating engineered nanoparticles remans the same:
1. IS REACH enough or not?
2. We don't have "sufficent knowledge"
3. More money required for research
4. Precautionary Principle vs 'non' Precautionary Principle

So in this part of nanotech regulation, there is really nothing new in any part of the world. Boring!