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Jakarta flood and disaster management

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Most foreign media today says that the number of casualty for the Jakarta flood is 9. Local media however said that there are at least 20 dead. Thousands of civilians were trapped in flooded areas and need to wait for quite a long time before a rescue raft come to pick them up. But there wasn't enough raft for everyone. There should be enough rafts and boats if the armed forces were dispatched earlier to support the city police.

Communications are down, many telephone lines are off as the Telecom office is flooded by water, BTS antennas are also off due to electric cut. The flood had strucked down nearly all means of transportations from railways to toll roads. I think food distribution could be the next problem, in addition to the spreading of disease. I hope the officials have a clear chain of command in managing the situation although formally the disaster management law has not come into force.

Disaster management really should be a priority in the 2007 legislation program.