Misunderstanding Indonesia's Legal System?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Since corruption is still a hot issue, let's talk more of it. I came across with a blog post quoting Tim Lindsey's lecture in Unimelb. I cannot confirm if it is really his writing as the link is dead. Here's the quote:
However, although the Indonesian legal system provides the sorts of rights and protections for the accused that might be expected in Australian courts, they are not always upheld in the same way in practice.

The institutionalised bribery of the Soeharto period left its mark on the judiciary. Corruption is common in many courts around the country, partly because salaries are very low and facilities poor. As money became more persuasive than legal argument in some Indonesian courtrooms, the skills base of many judges and other law enforcement officials also plummeted.

Hmmm, hear-hear. Needless to say more. Sometimes I find it futile to give reasonings and to draft neat contracts when in the end of the day, its Uncle Benjie who speaks.