For your legal research: a new search box!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I've just added a research tool to this blog in order to assist your work. The Google-powered custom search box is located in the right panel. I like this feature a lot and I use it for my own researches too.

The Reason? First, it is linked to external websites, so you won't be searching only this site. Second, there is no need to re enter "nano" or "nanotechnology" in your search box. You can directly enter terms such as "health", "environment", "patent", etc and the search will automatically show up in a nanotechnology context for I have filtered it for you. Third, the website/homepage lists will be continously updated. So, your search box will always be updated. Searching using normal google.com box may not deliver you the best outcome as the search result is too broad. Such is not the case with the Nanotechlaw search box.

Anyway, if you want to search this blog's posts only, you can use the column provided by Blogger located in the top left of this page. You can enter the search term there and it will show you results exclusively from this blog.

Have fun!