Intellectual Property overview on Nanotechnology

Monday, September 11, 2006

A paper by Lisa K Abe titled "Nanotechnology: The Legal Issues" discussed in general, application of Intellectual Property regime to Nanotechnology. It, for example, enquire if atomic structure can be patented, or whether it can be protected as literary or artistic work. My impression is, she concludes that almost all IP branches could be applicable to Nanotechnology.

The paper highlighted the importance of IP reform in its "Conclusion" part, but it does not highlight which part of the IP regime that needs to be reformed. Nevertheless it raises many good questions on the applicability of the existing IP laws toward Nanotechnology. There are some part of the law which will become applicable only after a rather liberal interpretation is applied.

Only existing nanotechnology (nanoscale technologies, nanomaterials) are being discussed. The article does not cover future (molecular) Nanotechnological issues. You can download it here.