Eye on China, or India?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Harris and Dickinson wrote on their China Law Blog:

Couple recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine (h/t to Nanodot and Nanotechbuzz) on how China is making gains in nanotechnology highlight how China is both making efforts to move beyond manufacturing and is succeeding in doing so. The Wall Street Journal article, written by Andrew Batson, and entitled, "China's Nanotechnology Gains Have U.S. Looking Over Its Shoulder," explains the significance of nanotechnology

I wonder which part of nanotech China is concentrating on. If China is aligning their massive industry with (massive) production of nanomaterials, then they'll have to prepare for the environmental and health consequences. That also means, they should create better regulations. I'd consider India to be more prospective in nanotech industry because their main core is knowledge product (e.g. software). Knowledge industry does not result in pollution, requires less energy and consumes less natural resources.
I think a nation's Nanotech policy should also consider emerging trends in automation, visualisation and computational technologies, as these things means less worker and more tiny products. In this case, India could have a better chance.